Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Graphic Novels in Grade 7 LA

Students in grade 7 at George Waters Middle School are in the midst of creating their own graphic novels in Language Arts class. In this project students read a variety of graphic novels and have had class discussions about what makes a good graphic novel. The classes also walked to the public library beside our school to explore the different types of graphic novels that were accessible there. Students enjoy reading graphic novels because it gives students the chance to create the story in words from the pictures in the books. Hartley, a GW grade 7 student, just finished reading a graphic novel about the fight for civil rights and freedoms. For this book Hartley explained and reflected on the cause and effect for the characters in this book. As an extension, students created movie trailers in which they took a character from their book choice and created a new story based on that character and his or her traits. After this students used Comic Life to make this new story come to life in their own graphic novel. An example is shown below. Rhonje created a graphic novel and is doing some amazing work to begin to tell a story.

A movie trailer created by Hartley B. based on his graphic novel about Civil Rights

Rhonje L. explaining the graphic novel he created using Comic Life

Hartley B (gr 7 student)
Rhonje L (gr 7 student)
Vasilios Kavadas (Gr 7 teacher)

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