Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Augmented Reality in Grade 8 LA

Grade 8 students write biographies as a creative writing piece in their Language Arts class. This year GWMS teachers extended the assignment by using augmented reality. Students used an app called Aurasma that used the images drawn in classas triggers to show videos of the students explaining more about themselves. The video below shows how Aurasma works, Thanks Mallory for sharing this example!

Once per cycle GW students have the opportunity to have an LAD class. This stands for Language Arts - Digital. This class is co-taught by the classroom LA teacher and a digital lead teacher (Mr. Schmidt or Mr. Bonnici). The digital leaders help the students and classroom teachers to embed technology into daily classroom routines. The classroom teacher and digital lead teacher worked together to create an assignment that used technology to extend the assignment to make it more engaging and motivating to complete. 

George Waters MS has used Aurasma for a couple of years and we have place a number of these triggers placed around the school. This can acutally work can work from where ever you are using the information below in this blog. If you have an iOS device and would like to try this out start by downloading the app and create an account.

After the account is created a screen like this should appear. Tap the triangle shape at the bottom.

Then tap the magnifying glass to search for 'andrewmead73'. This account will allow to use Aurasma at GW, Tap the 'like' button to get added to this account. The account looks like this:

These images are known as triggers in Aurasma and when you scan them using the app a video will appear. To make Aurasma work tap the square symbol at the bottom of the app and then scan either one of the images (triggers) and see what happens!

A note from Mr. George Waters - our school namesake
This poster is near the office at GW.

Watch Mr. Orr leave GW on his last day upon his retirement in June 2014.

If this isn't working for you, ask your child! They can help you.

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