Thursday, February 26, 2015

Grade 7 Band - Portfolio Assignment

Today grade 7 students split into small groups and recorded three videos for their portfolios using their iPads.  

The videos that's each student created included: 

Song 1:  Long note contest - the student takes a huge breath and plays one note (own choice) as long as he/she can.

Song 2:  Concert Bb, Eb or F scale (own choice)

Song 3: Song from method book or part of their favourite piece (The Lost Tomb, Silver Birch, etc.)

All students recorded at least one thing for their portfolios in November and this is a chance to add to portfolios for term 2. Students were asked to sit up straight when playing and to hold their iPads horizontally when recording video. After students completed the three tasks about they put the video in their portfolio and then write about what they learned from doing this and what improvements they can make.

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