Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Daily Reflections

Each day our students write Daily Reflections and email them home to their parents or someone significant in their life at home or at school. These are done at the end of everyday in homeroom. These reflections, hopefully, start a good conversation at home about what happened at school during the day and stop the answer 'Nothin!' when the question is asked 'What happened at school today?'.

Below is an example of a very well written daily reflection done by a grade 7 student that I received today.

Click to see a bigger view

All students are encouraged to share this kind of information in their daily reflection. Thinking about a school day like this will also help each student remember and learn more from the day!

Parents: don't forget that our Portfolio Cafe is Thursday from 4 - 7 PM. No appointments necessary, just drop in, have a snack and a beverage and take a look at your child's portfolio on his or her iPad. Have your child talk to you about the great work they do in class everyday. 

Hope to see you on Thursday.

Please talk to your child about their daily reflections. Get them to send home the things you want to learn more about. Have them tailor their reflections to what you want to hear about.

Mr. Mead

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