Thursday, May 15, 2014

What's Happening at School Today? Grade 8 Math

Today in grade 8 Math students are working on 'xtramath' and because it's day 2 students do mental math strategy practice and problem solving.

Xtramath is a website that helps students with basic math skills (add, subtract, multiply, divide). 

It is the best math practice to be ever found , Jared 

It helps me on my mental math,Cody 

Mrs. Licorish sees the results on her computer and knows where each student is at with their skills. 

This data represents basic how students are doing with each operation they are working on. 

Xtramath is a great way to start a lesson. It reinforces basic skills and tells the teacher exactly where students skills are at with each operation. 

All grade 8 students have a unique log in and can do this practice anytime they like. This is a great thing to do at home. 

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