Wednesday, May 14, 2014

What's Happening at School Today? Grade 8 Science

Today in grade 8 Science students are studying EMR (Electronic Magnetic Radiation). Students are looking different types of electromagnetic waves. They have been asked to create a 30 second video explaining the characteristics of the wave they chose.

One pair of students chose Ultra Violet Rays to learn more about. This is Erin and Jazmin explaining what they did:

We made a video explaining what can ultra violet rays can do.

We learned:

That it is found in sunlight, it could cause cancer, and sun tans and burns.

We are using an app called Aurasma to show our video. Aurasma alows us to show a video while pointing our iPads at a still picture. The still picture we chose was a mercury light bulb, because it gives off uv light. 

Students told me that doing a project this way is much for fun and they find it easier to learn by making video as opposed to writing about it. They really like Aurasma because it's cool and interesting it's like 'Star Trek'. 

This pair of students is using this 'Trigger' image to get to their video about x-rays.

This class was very engaged. They were finding facts about the type of EMR they chose in an independent manner and then created a video to represent the information they found. The amazing part was watching students turn a still or trigger image into a video using Aurasma. This is a new version of apps called Augmented Reality. 

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