Wednesday, May 07, 2014

What's Happening in School Today: Grade 6 Social Studies

Today in grade 6 Social Studies students continued to learn about the Winnipeg General Strike. 
Students were reviewing facts about the general strike. 

I asked students some things they learned about the Winnipeg General Strike:  

Over 30,000 workers walked off their jobs in 1919. Kelsie

People were afraid of the start of a revolution against the government Braeden

After the review students began to work on a graphic organizer.  The graphic organizer asks students to organize information about the Winnipeg General Strike. 

The graphic organizer helps students learn how to research information and organize it. The graphic organizer asks students
1) What Happened? (Title of event)
2) When it Happened? (dates of event)
3) Where it happened?
4) Who was involved? (groups and individuals)
5) Why it Happened?

Here are some student responses to Why they thought the Winnipeg General Strike happened?

Because they had bad working conditions and poor wages. Jersey

Because they had bad working conditions and poor wages and they also did not feel safe at work.quintin

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