Tuesday, May 06, 2014

What's Happening at School Today: LA (Digital) - Grade 7

Once a cycle each student has an LA class which is doubled in length in the VEST Lab (computer lab). We call this LAD. In this class our digital department head teacher works with the classroom teacher to help the LA teacher and students with the digital initiatives that are happening at GWMS. The two teachers co-teach the class which is based on what is happening in LA class. The digital department head teacher provides support to the classroom based teacher to further their digital skills.

Today, this grade 7 LA class is wiring about a game that students built on Scratch. Students are using kidblog and their job is to explain where they are to with the creation of their game and what it's about. In their 'regular' LA class students have had a year long topic on superheroes. The games that students create are based on superheroes they have created. Students generally work with a partner in LAD. 

Students use their blogs to explain the story of their superhero, to explain how p use and play the game they created. 

Also today, students are playing each other's games and then they will leave comments on other classmates blogs about how games can be improved. 

I asked students what they like about LAD. Here are two responses:

I like LAD because it gives us the freedom to create what we want on the computers. I like having two teachers in the room because we can get more help. -Haley

I like LAD because it gives me a chance to learn many different programs on the computer -Penny

The LAD computer room is such a creative place to visit. Kids are having fun creating all sorts of different things using technology while working with a friend. Students also get the chance to help other students improve their work by using their critical thinking skills. These are all great skills for 21st Century Learning.

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