Monday, May 05, 2014

What's Happening at School Today: Grade 7 Social Studies

Today students are creating Australian Aboriginal Art called Dot Painting. 

Students are painting objects that they may find in Australia. 

Students are learning about Australian culture. Students how their dot painting relate to aboriginal culture. 

I asked a few students about what they have learned so far:

We have learned that the aborigines were treated very poorly by Great Britain and were put in jail and killed and made slaves. - Brady

I learned that the Britain came and took over the aborigines land and made them live in a different life style then they were use to . - Megan 

I learned that the land in Australia is 91% covered in vegetation. - Nick

Something to think about is how is the aborigine culture in Australia treated by other cultures compared to the First Nation culture in Canada and how they are treated by other cultures in Canada?

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