Friday, May 02, 2014

What's Happening at School Today? Grade 8 Social Studies

Grade 8s continue to study Roman civilization. Today students are watching a video from Discovery Education about how Rome expanded and conquered parts of Europe. 

A series of questions were prepared and shared with students in Showbie. 

Students responded to the questions as they watched the video. 

All teachers at #GWMSwpg have access to Discovery Education. This is an amazing resource of materials for teachers and students. It's a great place to share resources as well. 

What did this video teach students?

That there were many wars and that Rome said that it was defensive. Ben

The Punic war lasted 23 years. Rome won. ~ Katelyn

They found a ship in their shore and made replica of it to conquer carthage. It was a surprise attack. 

These Discovery Education videos help bring history to life. Students get very engaged in what they are learning about. It grabs their attention. 

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