Thursday, May 22, 2014

What's Happening at School Today? Grade 7 LA

Today, because of the great weather, this class worked outside!

The task today was to create an 'Error Message for the Soul'. This idea was taken from Daily Create. Artist Victoria Siemer has been constructing the error messages and system notifications that our own lives may generate from time to time. Students used their own original photograph, and a error message generator if, to create similar work to show some of the messages that she hasn’t created.

Students took pictures with their iPads and created error messages (like the ones we hate seeing on our computer way too often) and combine the two. 

The idea is to take every objects and make a creative comment about it.

Here are two examples of student work from today's class: 

Students had fun doing this assignment because:

Cause we got a chance to go outside-piper

Cause it's nice out, and it was a fun walk brittney

I injoyed this project because it made me more creative. Joseph 

Every child I spoke to in this class had fun learning today. Every student was fully involved and worked hard being creative!

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