Friday, January 23, 2015

Great Kindness Challenge with @kidsforpeace

From January 26-30 George Waters Middle School is taking part in the Great Kindness Challenge. We are looking forward to a great week. This week fits perfectly with our Three Levels of Sharkdom as it focuses on Making Someone Else's Day Better. Something we say everyday at the end of our announcements.

For the Great Kindness Challenge a Kindness Crew has been created to help GWMS have a  great week! Thank you to Kimberly, Aidan, Jersey, Brady, Eh, Mary, Daniel, Harshita, and Courtney for helping Mr. Mead plan the week! Here are our plans!

All week long! Bring a Tin for the Kindness Bin!

Students are encouraged to bring in cans of food all week long. A station will be set up by the office all week long. Students will be collecting cans and tracking what home room they came from. The homeroom that brings in the most cans of food will get a Pizza Party!!

Ocean of Kindness – Wear Blue Day!!          
Kick off Assembly!
Come help make Kindness Banners for 
Elementary Schools (room 9) at LUNCH!

Dream of Kindness - Pyjama Day
Come help make Kindness Sticky Notes in room 9 at LUNCH!

Tip Your Hat to Kindness Day
JAWSS - Guinness World Record for the  Most Kind-Hearted Handprints in JAWSS

Ride the Kindness Wave – Beach Day
Come help make and sign a Kindness Banner for GWMS in room 9!

Team Kindness Day – Dress in your sports gear or favourite team sport or school gear

Also, throughout the week GWMS students will be asked to add their Acts of Kindness to the GWMS Kindness Tracker that can be found by clicking this link
Our school for the week is 4000 Acts of Kindness for the week. 
That's only THREE EACH everyday! 

As always, students will be using their agenda time to write and email home their Daily Reflections. During the Great Kindness Challenge our Reflection Sheets will look a little different. Students will email home reflection sheets that look like:

Looking forward to a GREAT WEEK!!

Mr. Mead

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