Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Winnipeg Police Service School Resource Officer

Hello to All!

My name is Sue Zuk-Boyer, and I am the Winnipeg Police Service School Resource Officer for George Waters Middle School this year.  The students and staff call me Cst. Sue.   I have been with the City of Winnipeg Police for over 28 years and an officer for 24 years.  This is my second year in the St James School Division and I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you a bit about our unit and program.

The School Resource Unit began over 10 years ago in the Winnipeg 1 School Division. It is jointly funded by the school division, the Province and the Winnipeg Police Service. Since its inception, the unit has grown to 13 constables, 1 patrol sergeant and 1 Sergeant. The 13 officers are responsible for approximately 133 schools within 3 divisions, those being Pembina Trails, Winnipeg and St. James. School Resource Officers (SRO’s) act as liaisons between the school divisions and the Winnipeg Police Service, and assist with many aspects of the daily functioning of the school.
The main duty of an SRO is to foster good relationships between the schools, public and police service. SRO’s can act as role models to the students and assist them in making positive choices to affect their future. An SRO needs to be approachable for the students so they feel comfortable coming forward and disclosing any dangerous activities that may be affecting the well-being of the students while at school.
An SRO can be called upon to offer legal direction to the school to deal with certain situations. While some situations may be serious, they may not necessarily be illegal, therefore SRO’s can offer direction as to how to handle the situation or assist with mediation. SRO’s can take reports from the school regarding property damage or thefts or assist with major reports that can be forwarded to the respective division for further investigation. SRO’s can also assist administrators with dealing with ongoing issues in the school in attempt to rectify them.
SRO’s can also affect arrests if necessary when dealing with students who have broken the law and need to be accountable through the justice system.
If at any time during the school year you may wish to contact me, please feel free to leave your name,number or email with the office staff and I will contact you,

I look forward to spending another year with the students at George Waters!


Cst. Sue Zuk-Boyer #1754/51

Constable Sue, @rexfb, and Mr. Mead hanging out at the Science Fair. #sjasd #gwmswpg

Constable Sue (right) with Mr. Fergusson-Baird (Middle -Principal of Brooklands School) and Mr. Mead

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