Tuesday, October 07, 2014

October CARE Assembly

Each Month George Waters celebrates the success of our students with a CARE Assembly. A number of students are recognized and we try to include a student performance of some type as well. Each child at GWMS has a nique talent and we try to give them the opportunity to show them off as often as we can.

The following students were recognized for 'Getting Involved' in  athletics to start the year!

September Athletic Recognition
Gr. 6 BOY: Tyrone C
Gr. 6 GIRL: Avery T

Gr. 7 BOY: Noah G
Gr. 7 GIRL: Mary M

Gr. 8 BOY: Carl Saul
Gr. 8 GIRL: Hayley C

We also recognize Outstanding Achievement. This isn't necissarily mark based. the criteria is:
  • Achieves an overall high mark academically (does not have to be the highest).
  • Demonstrates willingness to participate in all classes.
  • Work is done well consistently
  • Working at their full potential.
This month the recognition for Outstanding Achievement is

Grade 6 Outstanding Achievement
Mathew F

Grade 7 Outstanding Achievement
Aidan S

Grade 8 Outstanding Achievement
Patrick S

We also recognize students for their great citizenship. The criteria for being recognized for this include:
  Displays good behaviour consistently.
  Has a positive attitude.
  A good role model for GWMS students.
  Involvement in school activities.
  Follows the 4R Respect Yourself, Respect Others, Respect Property and the Environment
  Has positive adult/peer relationships.

Grade 6 Citizenship
Haley W

Grade 7 Citizenship
Efrel C

Grade 8 Citizenship
Jake K

Lastly, we hand out the Shark Award, this recognizes students who has demonstrated some
level of success through their determination and willingness to improve academically
or be behaviorally over the last month or more.

Grade 6 Shark Award
Matthew W

Grade 7 Shark Award
Brooke P

Grade 8 Shark Award
Julian M

We also unveiled our JAWWS groups chants. Last week during JAWSS each group created a chant for their team. Below is the Tigers compilation. Each student did a great job participating in these chats and were fabulous audience members as we all watched them together. Due to privacy concerns we are unable to post them all.

Mr. Johnson's Video (a part of the Hammerheads)

The Tigers Compilation

George Waters also made the news today! Mrs. Klassen and our students did a great job representing George Waters and our Science program. You can listen to the clip here. http://www.cjob.com/2014/10/07/feature-teaching-science-right/

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