Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Today at George Waters

Today, we had our first JAWSS meeting of the year. JAWSS stands for Joint Activities with Staff and Students. The whole point behind JAWSS is building relationships. It's one more way for any child at George Waters to make a strong connection with one of our great teachers.

JAWSS groups are made up of 10 - 12 students from grade 6 - 8. Students stay with their 'JAWSS Advisor' for the three years that they are at George Waters. During JAWSS we talk about current events, school activities, character education, or anything the small group wants to talk about.

We also spend time in JAWSS to create our Digital Comprehensive Growth Portfolio. Our portfolio will be created throughout the school day on iPads. DUring JAWSS students will reflect on their work, write about it, share it with their JAWSS classmates and their teacher and the world. A draft of of the portfolio that every student will create can be found here: Draft GWMS Digital Comprehensive Growth Portfolio.

Students create their portfolio throughout their time at George Waters. During the last CARE Assembly in June of their grade 8 year students receive a hardcopy of their portfolio which shows how much they have grown during their years at GWMS. The title page of the printed portfolio includes a message to each grade 8 from all the members of the JAWSS group wishing them luck in their new school.

Throughout the year parents are welcome to pop into the school to take a look at your child's portfolio to see the work they do everyday. We plan, as well, to publish the portfolios online so you will be able to view them from home with your child.

Today, we met to break the ice and to introduce the new grade 6s and new students to each group. I enjoy our JAWSS time because every child and every adult in the building are meeting together in small groups and talking about interesting things. The connections that are made in these groups are strong and much is learned by the teacher and the student about each other.

Ask your child what they did in JAWSS today and who their JAWSS advisor is.

Images from today's JAWSS classes.

Mr. Mead

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