Thursday, September 11, 2014

Recognizing Kindness at George Waters

At George Waters we 'Focus on Kindness'. We have posted quotes about kindness throughout the school for students to read as they pass by.  

Near the end of January 2015 George Waters is taking part in The Great Kindness Challenge. Throughout the week students will log all of the kind acts they do. This will be proof that so many more good things happen in a day than the bad. Unfortunately, we tend to focus on the bad stuff. At George Waters, we focus on the good stuff. We do deal with all the negative things that come our way but we find if we focus on kindness and recognize it on a daily basis we get more of it. It makes GWMS a happy and safe place!

To recognize some of the many great things our students do staff and students can Mr. Mead know when a good deed is done. We have had both staff and students noticed. The poster below is also throughout the school with a quick link to a form that can be quickly filled out to notice kindness.
To see the form click here!

This is Tye in grade 6. A GWMS staff member noticed he did something pretty great the other day. The staff member completed the form and I gave him a little GWMS water bottle for being kind. Remember, 'it's nice to be nice to the nice'!

We don't recognize all acts of kindness because we don't do kind things to get gifts in return. It is however, nice to recognize simple acts of kindness that 

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