Thursday, September 25, 2014

Terry Fox Run at George Waters this Friday!

Friday, September 2014 is our annual Terry Fox Run at George Waters Middle School.

We start the day in our regular period 1 classes with an activity to learn more about Terry Fox. The lesson is about character and strength. Each student will decorate a shoe about what they believe Terry Fox stands for. To view the lesson please go to:

During period 1 as well, students can purchase tickets for popcorn and a juice that they can snack on during the second part of our morning. At the start of period 2, students will be called to the gym. At this time, students who purchased orange tickets will receive their popcorn/juice.

Once all the classes are in the gym, a documentary film provided by the Terry Fox foundation will be shown to all students. The film is approximately 45 minutes long.

After the film, students are encouraged to 'GET INVOLVED' in the fundraising portion of our morning. Students can purchase as many feathers as they want for 50 cents each. Students will then be able to tape these feathers onto either Mr. Mead or Mr. Abram. Once all feather are purchased, Mr. Mead and Mr. Abram will put on their chicken heads and do the chicken dance for the whole school. (Teachers/parents/EAs - are able to purchase feathers as well). All money will be donated to the Terry Fox Foundation.

If there is time students will get to watch another 28 minute documentary to show that was also provided by the Terry Fox foundation.

Beginning at 11 AM students will go outside to our brand new track to participate in a walk/run until lunch begins at 11:15 AM.

Parents and families are encourage to join us for the morning for the gym and outside activities that begin around 9:15 AM. Please check in at the office to let us know you are here.

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