Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Letter Parents/Guardians with Children in Grade 6 Band

Please look for this letter being sent home with children in grade 6 band!

September 25, 2014

Dear Grade 6 Band Parents:                                                                          

Today was an exciting day at George Waters!  Students were introduced to their Band instruments for the first time and are now going to start playing them in class.  The next couple of weeks will be crucial as this is when they will learn good playing habits that will stay with them during their time in Band.

There are a few things students will need to complete before they have permission to take their instruments home to practice.  Students must be able to:
  • put their instrument together carefully and properly
  • exhibit good posture, hand position and breathing;
  • use a proper embouchure (set their lip muscles correctly);
  • be respectful of others during class;
  • hand in the “Instrument Rental Agreement” form with parent signature with full or partial payment of Band fees.

Your support at the beginning of the year is also very important.  When your child first starts practicing at home, the sounds that come out of the instrument will not be that of a professional musician.  Please give positive feedback no matter what happens as your approval and encouragement will have a lot to do with their enjoyment and success.  Before you know it, the simple songs and notes will turn into wonderful music!

The following Band fees are now due:  $10 Band shirt; $120 instrument rental.  Please send a cheque made out to George Waters Middle School (GWMS) with your child.  These fees may be paid in full right away or made in installments if that works best for you.  Families who are unable to pay the entire amount because of financial challenges are asked to contact Mr. Johnson or our principal Mr. Mead let us know what is possible.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at  Check out the Band Website (listed below) for more information about the Band Program.


Finn Johnson, Band & Choir Director
George Waters Middle School/St. James Collegiate

You can keep up to date and get text message reminders from Mr. Johnson by signing up for his Remind Class. Click the image below to learn how!

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