Friday, September 05, 2014

A Great First Day!!

It's been a great first day at George Waters Middle School. We spent the morning meeting in homerooms followed by grade level meetings where we talked about our grade level expectations for the year.

Grade 6 - Get Involved
Grade 7 - Stand Up for Others and Get Involved
Grade 8 - Be a Philanthropist, Stand Up for Others and Get Involved

We all watched this video by Kid President called '20 Things we Should Say More Often'. It's a fun video about being kind and treating other people well.

To view the presentation that each grade watched please go to: 

During the morning each homeroom discussed school wide and classroom expectations. To view a slideshow of this presentation please go to: 

Chat with your child about the presentations to learn more about what we talked about!

Monday is Day 5 and it is a 'normal' day with regular classes beginning. We do, however, have a school wide assembly in the morning that will get the entire school together. During the assembly we will also introduce our first Parent Council Fundraiser of the year. Students will get the chance to sell Show and Save Books to earn money for their account to help pay for camp, school clothing etc.

Check out our Instagram Feed for pictures from today! Have a great weekend everyone!!

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