Thursday, June 05, 2014

Grade 7 and 8 Camp

Grade 7 and 8s had the chance this week to go to Pioneer Camp located on an island on Shoal Lake. The weather has been almost perfect and the kids have had a great time so far!

Students have been doing activities such as canoeing, doing hands on activities about erosion, taking hikes, doing scavenger hunts and learning different dances to name a few. 

It's so great to see kids being kids and just having fun while doing lots of learning about themselves, their friends and the world around them. 

Thanks to Mr. Bonnici for planning this great opportunity and for all the GWMS staff for spending five days away from their families to help supervise. 

Pioneer camp is a great place to spend a week. Kids are 'offline' just enjoying their friends and their time here. 

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