Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Pink Day at George Waters

Today is the Red Cross International Pink Day at George Waters. We are using this day to promote kindness and to teach our kids what to do and focus on the positive things they are already doing. We also try to teach our students how to respond to mean-ness and bullying in a positive manner. Often, an appropriate response will stop the mean-ness in it's tracks. You can't control anyone else. Mean-ness happens. It's a part of our world, unfortunately. What can be controlled is the response. This is a skill and sometimes very hard to do. We have daily discussions with students on how to best respond to someone when 'mean-ness happens'. We also have worked very hard to create a culture at George Waters where kids feel safe and are happy and have safe methods to report mean-ness or bullying to adults so it can be effective dealt with when it does happen.

At 8:50 we are having a school wide Pink Day assembly and the focus will be on kindness and the boomerang affect. This is where kindness eventually makes it back to the person who starts it. 

During our assembly we will show examples of simple but kind gestures that have great affect. Mr. Tetrault from the Royal Bank at the corner of Collegiate and Portage will also speak to our kids about the many kind things that can be done and how easy it is to do. 

After the assembly each child at GWMS will have the opportunity to be kind to someone in our school or community. Their words will be shared on this blog later today. Our presentation will also be posted on this blog later today.  

Here is a great article about the positive affects on focusing on and teaching kindness.

Looking forward to a great day!

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