Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Pink Day Activities at GWMS

This morning at George Waters Middle School we celebrated kindness. We did three separate activities during the first hour of the school day .

Part 1: In Homerooms 
8:30 – 8:50 Homeroom activity (All classes to stay in period 1 for first period)

Start by asking class – What is Cyberbullying? 
Come up with a class definition.
Watch this video

A class discussion then happened and were focused around the following questions:
Would this happen in real life? Why? Why not?
How can you stop this if you see this happen with kids at GW?
What are ways that we can use technology to be KIND to others?

Part 2: School Wide Assembly
All the students came to the gym and Mr. Mead and Mr. Tetrault (From the Royal Bank at the corner of Collegiate Avenue and Portage Avenue) and spoke to the student body. Here is the presentation that was shared with the students.

The presentation was focused on kindness and when you are kind it always comes back to you. We call this the kindness boomerang. We also related our Day of Kindness to our Three Levels of Sharkdom.

Part 3: Homeroom Activity
Students were asked to complete a short survey by going to this link on their iPads. This is the survey.

The results of the survey are here. These are un-edited responses from our students who were in attendance this morning. We aren't perfect at GWMS but as the comments and the results show, we have more positive things happening here than negative. 

Here is one question with some good and not so good results. We have 40 students who were here this morning who don't feel this is a kind place. We need to change that perception. If anyone knows who these students are please help them feel better and let me know who they are so we can make their day better!

Do you think GWMS is a KIND place?


It was a great start to our day! Feed back is appreciated!

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