Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Grade 7 Phys Ed - Health

Today in grade 7 Health students discussed the harmful affects of smoking.

The first part showed what an anti-smoking ad is.

The second part students had to explain why smoking is bad and reasons not to smoke for yourself and others. 

Students had the choice to do their presentation by making a poster or a presentation on their iPad. Mr. Speechley will posts examples of his work on his blog at http://georgewaterspe.blogspot.ca.

Stop smoking, especially around kids. We don't want that air in our lungs! - Karl

Smoking had bad affects on your lungs, it's bad for you. Raine

Don't smoke and live to tell the story - Kiana 

Also, some students have chosen to do a video PSA to encourage people to stop smoking. 

We are looking forward to seeing the finished results!

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