Friday, March 07, 2014

Dropping off and Picking up your Child at GWMS

The traffic along Ferry Road outside out school is becoming increasingly busy and congested.

When dropping off children at school or picking them up parents may want to consider using roads running parallel to Ferry (Collegiate, Roseberry etc). 

When busses arrive the road often comes to a stand still in both directions due to the parked cars. GWMS has requested parking restrictions along Ferry Road between the hours of 8 and 9 am and 3 and 4 pm to help the traffic flow. 

Parents are asked to not use the bus loop to drop off and pick up children as it for busses only. Below are a number of images which show the traffic situation on Ferry Road on a typical morning or afternoon. 

Please help keep our children safe and. If using Ferry Road is necessary to drop of your child please use the student parking lot which is located just south of our bus loop on Ferry Road. Using the staff parking lot and the bus loop creates congestion and an unsafe situation for everyone. The staff parking lot is also used to drop off students with special needs as well.

Busses trying to get to other schools to drop off and pick up students. 

Traffic along Ferry Road tryin to avoid busses. 

Busses trying to manoeuvre between traffic and parked cars. 

Cars in the bus loop making it difficult for busses to drop off and pick up students. 

What the bus loop should look like. 

A typical scene after school along Ferry Road. 

Thanks for your patience and consideration when dropping off your child at school. Please help by making good driving decisions to help keep everyone safe. 

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