Thursday, August 29, 2013

Welcome to 2013-2014!

With school quickly approaching we are all getting excited! A big welcome to all students and staff new to George Waters this year. There has been lots of construction over the summer and some still going on.Staff and students need to be aware of some of the heavy equipment in the area that are working on our new Track and Field.

Other improvements to our school are: 

  • New doors in the grade 6 and 7 hallway
  • Room 11 is now a regular classroom (used to be our computer lab)
  • New automatic doors placed throughout the building to help make GWMS more accessible
  • Room 9 is now our Art room for grade 7s and 8s
  • Updated change rooms in the gym
  • A wireless network throughout GWMS
  • A new floor in the library
Projects that will be continuing at the start of the school year are:

  • A new Track and field
  • A new grooming room
  • An outdoor classroom is to be constructed in the front of our school
A big welcome to new staff:
  • Mr. J. Blake (Grade LA and SS)
  • Mrs. D. Coutris (Grade 7 and 8 French)
  • Mr. T. Cox (Educational Assistant)
  • Mr. C. Dohie (Educational Assistant)
  • Ms. N. Friesen ((Educational Assistant)
  • Mr. J Kozyra (Practical Arts - Tech)
  • Mrs. G. Rafter (Educational Assistant)
  • Mrs. C. Saffie (Administrative Assistant)
  • Mr. B. Schmidt (Grade 7 LA and SS)
New and Continuing Initiatives for the 2013-14 School year include: 
  • LAD –Language Arts (Digital) 
    • Mr. Schmidt will facilitate digital learning for grade 6 teachers
    • Mr. Bonnici will facilitate digital learning for grade 7/8 teacher
    • LAD takes the place of our VEST program. 2 periods of LA per cycle (back to back) will be co-taught by the LA teacher and either Mr. Schmidt or Mr. Bonnici. The goal is to help students and staff effectively use technology to improve engagement and learning
  • One extra period for all math classes
  • iPads - students will likely be getting these at the end of September or early October
  • Elmos (document cameras) in every classroom
  • Discovery Ed will continue to be used
  • Parent Portal
  • ‘JAWSS’ – Character Education and Portfolio Development (continued)
  • Grade 6, 7 and 8 ‘Shiver Time’ continues (one LA class per cycle is taught by two teachers where the class is divided into two small groups with the focus on literacy
  • Destination Imagination will be continued in Science class (Pearson model) for all grades 1 period per cycle. Mrs. Orloff will facilitate the delivery of this program.
  • Students can create Science Fair projects  as an option to differentiate and enrich.
  • Students can create Heritage Fair projects  as an option to differentiate and enrich.
  • The school goals foer 2013-14 will focus on three areas
    • The Engaged Learner (Mr. Speechley to facilitate)
    • Family and Community (Ms. Riddell to facilitate)
    • Social Justice (Mrs. Orloff and Mrs. Zubec to facilitate)
  • The three basic expectations for all students at GWMS continue to be the Three Levels of Sharkdom.
    • Grade 6s - Get Involved
    • Grade 7s - Stand Up for Others
    • Grade 8s - Be a Philanthropist

We hope everyone has a safe and fun school year! Please get involved with the activities that GWMS offers and keep in touch with your child(ren)'s teacher often.

Please contact the office if you have any questions!

Mr. Mead 

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