Sunday, January 06, 2013


Before the break I received a great email from a parent about our school and how we keep our school safe. I just wanted to brag a bit because it is such an important issue. It also makes me very happy to hear when families talk about the many positive aspects about our school. It is a great school in a great community.

The subject of the email was 'Well done'. The contents of the email is below with the names taken out.

Good Morning!

I wanted to send a word of congratulations.  It has been interesting to hear my son’s comments and observations about his new school.  He’s actually extraordinarily intuitive, so I give a lot of credence to his observations. 

About a month ago, he said something about how racism is not tolerated in any way in his new school (I don’t remember the context for the conversation).  I asked how he knew but he couldn’t name it.  I asked if it was different than at his old school and while he skirted that question, he just said that the teachers wouldn’t let anyone get away with it at George Waters.

I was reminded of that comment the other evening.  I was asking him about kids at his old school – if he wonders how they’re doing.  And he said, “If x (former friend) were to come to George Waters and if he was inappropriate, I would just say to him, ‘you can’t say that to me here, this school doesn’t tolerate bullying’.  Again, I asked how he knew that – and he couldn’t say – but he had a really strong sense that it’s not tolerated and if someone is verbally cruel to another child, that that issue would be dealt with.  What particularly struck me, as well, is how when a child knows that bullying isn’t tolerated and that the school will back him up, that the child then has the courage and ability to verbally stand up for themselves.  In a way that they couldn’t when they didn’t think they’d be supported. And, as a result, they don’t need to resort to physically standing up for themselves.

So, I don’t know what you’re doing or how you’re doing it, but I love that the message of support and safety is so clearly understood.  Thank you

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