Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Show and Save Prizes and Pizza Party

Our students sold 356 books! That is 56 books over out goal and the parent council couldn't be happier.

The Parent Council is thrilled that students earned  a combined total $2136.00 into each of their individual student accounts.

Congrats on earning this money to use on school  clothing, trips or camps.

Congratulations to our 27 students sold 6 or more books and will be invited to have pizza lunch on NOVEMBER 8th at 11:15am outside the office. If your name is below, please come  and see our Chair Person Trie at 11:15 for two slices of pizza from Dominoes Pizza.
(A note will be sent home with students on Wednesday or Thursday of this week)

Brady P. 6-05
Yvonne C. 6-01
Autumn M. 7-09
Mitchell S. 6-05
Shylo B. 6-05
Avery T. 8-15
Evan C-D 6-03
Ariah K. 8-08
Ainslie S. 6-05
Paige S. 7-04
Angelynne C. 8-15
Jordan L. 6-01
Brayden S. 8-15
Elizabeth K.  7-04
Zia D. 7-05
Eldon S.  6-03
Mark M. 7-09
Erica F. 7-06
Griffin W. 6-03
Anglin E. 8-08
Krista N. 6-02
Jesse G-G 6-05
Jackson C. 6-03
Cali F. 6-01
Gabriel D. 6-05
Margaret P. 6-01
Noah R-R 7-06


6th grade overall top seller
Evan C-D (Golf Dome passes)
7th grade overall top seller
Autumn M. (Manitoba museum passes)
8th grade overall top seller
Anglin E. (Cineplex movie passes)
Next highest overall seller
Noah R-R (Winnipeg Jets items)

Other winners of food prizes from A&W or Pizza Pizza are;
Breanna W. Ariah K. Margaret P. Krista N. Mark M. Canyon T.
Zia D. and Angelynne C.

Prizes will be sent to school on Wednesday  (tomorrow) to be handed out. 

Our Holiday season fundraiser will be sent home soon.....be on the look out!

Warm Regards,
Parent Council Chair

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