Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Attend Spring Camp for FREE??? Read more to find out!

Hello families of GWMS

My name is Trie Evans and I am the current chair of the GWMS Parent Council.

Last week our first fundraiser of the year SHOW AND SAVE CARD AND COUPON BOOK was sent home with your child. Please ask them about it, dig it out of their back back, look through it together and encourage them to sell to family, friends and neighbours.

For each book your student sells they will earn up to $6.00 into their own personal account.
10 books can equal $60 into the account
20 books sold can equal $120 into the account
the profits keep adding up...


This personal student account money can be used for....

GWMS School Clothing
Band Camp
Spring Camp
(and other trips that may become available)

Wouldn't it be GREAT to fund raise 3 times a year and then get any of these trips or clothing COMPLETELY FREE???

Ensure your potential buyers are aware that each sale DIRECTLY BENEFITS THE STUDENT who is DOING THE SELLING!!

As GWMS we want as many students as possible to attend the camp of their choice and fundraising makes it the best affordable way to do so.

If your student did not bring home an envelope and information please ask them to visit the office to be given one.

On behalf of the Parent Council, welcome to the 2016-2017 school year and we hope to save you a lot of money.

Trie Evans

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