Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Story Paddles for Buchanan

Local artist John Smeulders dropping off paddles he created to #GWMSwpg for @storypaddlesbybuchanan. #creativity via Instagram

What is Story Paddles for Buchanan?

Water Is Everyone’s Responsibility

 This project explores traditional ways of FNMI (First Nation, M├ętis, Inuit) ways of understanding nature, with a special emphasis on the immeasurable value of our water resources. Many communities in Canada, especially FNMI, are faced with water issues, particularly unrestricted access to clean drinking water. Our goal is to increase student awareness and personal reflection around these issues. Students will emerge from this project with a greater social justice perspective that observes water as a precious commodity that cannot be taken for granted. In our own school, in very recent memory, students have had experiences with non drinkable water. Drinking fountains were cordoned off and families were required to send clean water from home. This first hand experience is an excellent starting point in helping students understand the challenges faced by many FNMI peoples in their communities.  By sharing the importance and sacredness of water contained in many stories in the FNMI culture, students will understand how water is essential to all living creatures.  

In order to raise awareness to global and local water issues, students and staff along with community volunteers have been busy painting paddles. Check out some of our unique hand painted paddles which will soon be put up for auction to help raise funds in order for us to support others who do not  have access to clean drinking water. All funds raised by students and the sale of the paddles will go towards supporting global and local water issues.

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