Tuesday, January 12, 2016

#GWMSwpg Instagram Update

Our fire bell went off over the lunch hour today. All students were asked to quickly get their winter coats as there was no immediate signs of an actual fire or smoke. All students and staff then quickly evacuated the building. #GWMSwpg staff met their classes at the front of the school and then escorted students to Bourkevale Community Centre to stay warm. The fire bells went off due to dust in the air from recent construction near the high school elevator. Fire and rescue responded to the school within 5 minutes of the bells going off and determined it was safe to return to the school. Students and staff are safe and back inside George Waters MS and in homerooms for afternoon attendance. A huge thank you to all students who did a great job following directions to stay safe AND to staff for keeping our students safe and warm. If you have any questions, please contact the office. We will proceed with a regular afternoon schedule. via Instagram http://ift.tt/1ZqsvIo

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