Thursday, December 17, 2015

#GWMSwpg Instagram Update

Way to go Isaac! #GWMSwpg this is on the Winnipeg Jets True North Foundation Facebook page. 'We have some awesome kids in our Winnipeg Jets Hockey Academy! This month’s WJHA Player of the Month is Isaac L. From George Waters Middle School. Isaac has been in the WJHA/SJAHA for 4 years now and recently received the George Waters Middle school "Shark award". To be awarded the “Shark Award” at George Waters the student must get Involved in school activities, stand up for others, be a philanthropist and most of all, make someone’s day better. Isaac has been heavily involved in making his academics stronger on a daily basis and has improved his hockey skills during his hockey academy ice sessions. He stood up for his friends who were getting picked on, saying things like “that stuff doesn't happen at this school, you need to stop doing that”. Also, at the Terry Fox Run he gave his popcorn to another student because he was hungry. The staff at GW said they see Isaac happy, smiling, asking how their day is going or thanking them for that lesson today, because it was awesome. Congrats Isaac being this month’s WJHA Player of the Month. via Instagram

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