Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Tell Them from Me Survey 2015-16

All students at George Waters Middle School were offered an opportunity to participate in theTell Them From Me (TTFM) Student Survey in the fall.

The TTFM Student Survey included measures around social/emotional outcomes (e.g. student engagement, emotional health), physical health outcomes (e.g. physical fitness, risky behaviours), and drivers of student outcomes (e.g. quality instruction, classroom context). In addition, students were able to share their thoughts and feedback about their school community in an open-ended response question.

The  survey measures 8 indicators based on the most recent research on school and classroom effectiveness. This report provides highlights based on data from all students in attendance the day the survey was completed. GWMS students completed the survey during the first have of November.

The data collected is being used to:
  • Enhance our understanding of the diverse needs of our students and community; 
  • Monitor our planning priorities and support future planning for each grade;
  • Monitor school culture and climate
Our results for this survey are generally very positive compared to national averages but there is still room for improvement. Until all of our students are responding positively about how they feel at school we will work hard so each child feels safe to give them the best chance to learn and to meet their educational and personal goals while at George Waters.

The data collected is a snapshot in time and doesn't necessarily reflect how our students feel all the time. There are many reasons why students respond the way they do to the questions in the survey and it is important we look at the results with a critical eye to ensure the school and community responds effectively. This data does give our school and community some good information about how we are doing and areas we need to take a closer look.

If you have any questions about any of the data and how we are responding to ensure all of our students feel connected and safe at George Waters please email me at

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