Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Santa Shop Permission Letter

Please watch for this letter that will be sent home in the coming days. Please sign and return the forms to homeroom teachers.

Santa Shop

December 10, 2015

This form must be completed and returned to homeroom teachers by December 7th in order for us to prepare for the event.

On December 10th students will have the opportunity to participate in Santa Shop if they have completed this form and returned it to their homeroom teacher.  At Santa Shop, they may purchase gifts for their immediate family members (parents, guardians, brothers and sisters).   Most of these items have been donated by our staff and friends.  On the evening before the event, staff volunteers will set up shop.  The next morning students will be escorted to the “shop” starting with the grade 6 classes.  They will be able to purchase gifts (most will be 25 – 50 cents;  few things will cost $1.00) and then with the help of staff, gifts will be wrapped.  Students will take their gifts home that same day.

Student Name:                                                                           

Grade and Homeroom:                                  

Please enter how many:
Parents/Guardians: male                     Female                    

Please enter ages of each brother and sister on the appropriate line:


Parent/Guardian signature:


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