Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Parent Portal Access

This letter will be sent home with all grade 7 and 8 students this week! Please look for this as it contains information to help parents create a username and password for the parent portal which allows parents to access current marks and attendance. Note, this is not available for parents of children in grade 6.

**It is important that students keep this information safe as it has a confidential code that allows parents to create their parent portal account.

Grade 6 report cards are not percentage based and the parent portal may be percentage based so the information in the parent portal is not consistent with what will be seen on the report card. Please stay in regular communication with your child's teacher(s) to keep informed about progress. Email addresses for all staff can be found here.

Information about the differences between the grade 6 and grade 7/8 report cards can be found here.

TO THE PARENT(S)/GUARDIAN(S) OF (grade 7/8 student):

As of September 2015, we can provide you and Caitlan with access to Caitlan's current grades and attendance via the internet in the PowerSchool Parent Portal. To access this information you will
need to follow these steps:

1. Open the internet browser on your computer
2. Type https://ps.sjsd.net/public/ into the address bar
3. Click on "Create Account".
4. Create Parent/Guardian Account by entering the following: First Name, Last Name, Email, Desired Username, Password, Re-Enter Password
5. Link Students to Account by entering the following: Student First Name and Last Name, Access ID (your confidential ID as provided below), Access Password (as provided below), Relationship to student.

*If you have another child attending the same school, please use the Confidential ID and Password provided on their Parent Portal Letter.

6. Click on "Enter".

7. CONGRATULATIONS, your Parent/Guardian Account has been created. Use your new username and password to sign in.


Parent/Guardian Confidential ID: Confidential code for you will be shown in letter
Parent/Guardian Password: Confidential code for you will be shown in letter


Caitlan's Confidential ID: Confidential code for you will be shown in letter
Caitlan's Password: Confidential code for you will be shown in letter


GRADES AND ATTENDANCE: This page displays comprehensive information about a student's grades and attendance for the current term. The legend at the bottom of the page displays the attendance and citizenship codes and their meanings.

GRADE HISTORY: Use this page to view quarter and semester grades for the student for the current term.

ATTENDANCE HISTORY: This page displays information about a student's attendance record for the current term. The legend at the bottom of the page displays the attendance codes and their meanings.

EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS: This page provides you with the ability to manage your parent/guardian account email preferences, including what information you would like to receive, how often you would like to receive the information, and any additional email addresses that you would like the information sent to. Email preferences may be applied to a single student or all students associated to your parent/guardian account.

TEACHER COMMENTS: This page displays any comments that teachers have entered regarding a student, such as a student's achievement or behavior. Either you or your child may track academic progress from any location that has internet access. Please keep your passwords confidential so only you can access the information.

If you have any questions regarding the use of PowerSchool Parent Portal please contact the school office at 204-888-4898.

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