Tuesday, October 20, 2015

GWMS Student Vote

Last Thursday, GWMS students took part in a student vote that simulated the federal election that took place yesterday.

More than 850,000 votes were reported from over 6,000 schools, representing 337 federal ridings.
The Liberals won a majority government with 223 seats and the Conservatives formed the official opposition with 69 seats. The NDP won 40 seats, and the Greens won 4. The Bloc Québécois won 1 seat in Quebec.
  • National Student Vote results are available here.
  • Manitoba Student Vote results are available here.
  • Charleswood-St. James-Assiniboa-Headingley (GWMS's riding) results are available here.
  • George Waters results are available here.
  • A video summarizing the results is available here.

Thank you everyone who took time yesterday to vote and make your voice heard. Please continue to speak to your children about the vote and the importance of getting involved every time a civic, provincial or federal vote occurs.

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