Thursday, October 29, 2015

GWMS Parent Council Fundraiser Number 2

GW Parent Council puts the FUN in FUNdraising! Please watch for this letter that went home! This fundraiser runs until November 16, 2015!

Makes It Happen at George Waters Middle School

Dear Parents/Guardians:

In an effort to provide a fundraiser that will include “something affordable for everyone”, at every price point, the GWMS Parent Council is excited to offer a selection of products and inexpensive gift ideas!

We are pleased to introduce THE LAMONTAGNE COLLECTION of TWO catalogues this season.

·         COLLECTION:  great variety of products for gifts, entertaining and hostess gifts!
                                  Over 100 items - $5 to $30

·         GOURMET:  selection of items including; pretzels, Cinnabon, all-natural cookie dough, delicious soup mixes, dips, herbal tea selection and more! 
                         Over 20 items from $6 - $20

Here’s how it works:

Each participating student is receiving one package containing the 3 brochures along with a cumulative PRIZE program poster, and an envelope and order form.

We are asking that you encourage your relatives, friends and neighbours to participate in the campaign by placing their order with you.  Out-of-town family and friends may use our on-line option.  Products ordered will be shipped directly to their home. The seller and school will receive credit for those sales!

To make this available, here’s what you need to do:

Go to – select the “buy on-line tab” – scroll down the page until you see:


Complete the requested information (your campaign code C943-CA1637)

Click on:   GET MY PARTICIPANT CODE.  You will be issued a participant code that is unique to you!  Record this code, and let your family and friends know what that code is – they can now shop on-line.

When they go to the Lamontagne website and choose the shop on-line tab, there is a blue banner that reads Fundraising Campaign.  Once they enter your participant code, they can shop for their products, pay on-line with their credit card, and their purchases will be shipped directly to them.  Purchases of $90 and over will be sent free of charge and purchases below $90 will have a $15 delivery charge added to the purchase.


Please make cheques payable to: GWMS PARENT COUNCIL

Please ensure you order form is returned to the school by November 16th. This is the FINAL DEADLINE. Orders submitted after this date may not be accepted. All payments must accompany the order form. Please ensure the student’s name and home room is clearly on the order form.

The profit earned through this program is 40% on orders shipped to the school and 45% from online orders. Students will earn 60% of this, while the parent council retains the other 40% so that we can continue to give back to the school.

When you receive your order; if there is anything missing, please advise the school.  They will look after any adjustments or refunds.  If however your package contains a “certificate” - an item you ordered has sold out.  You may use this certificate to purchase anything on-line – your product selection will be sent directly to your home at no charge.  If you wish to select a refund – the certificate has instructions on how to contact Lamontagne directly and request a refund cheque.

As our special “thank you” for your efforts, this fundraiser includes some prizes for your family:

Included inside each brochure package is a poster listing all of the prizes each participant may receive when they reach their specific sales target. 

No need to select prizes as your family prizes earned are delivered with our “thanks” approximately four weeks after the campaign closes.  Prizes are sorted by student by class.

*The amount of additional prizes will depend on the TOTAL order of the GWMS sale*

We thank you for your continued and anticipated support.

Happy Holidays,
GWMS Parent Council


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