Friday, September 18, 2015

Character Day at GWMS #characterday

Today, we are celebrating Character Day at George Waters Middle School. Character is an important skill in today's world. Our school focuses on the 6Cs which are in the image below (click the image to see a bigger view). Along side numeracy and literacy we place a huge importance on teaching these big skills to help children live happy and successful lives.

We started with a school wide assembly in the gym and went through this presentation together.

On Slide 4 we watched this short movie called 'The Science of Character'.

After the assembly we met with our JAWSS classes to talk about the Periodic Table Character Strengths (click the link to see a bigger image).

We asked students to think about which character strengths they feel they are the best at and which ones they want to work on. 

For more information and resources about Character Day please visit:

For resources to continue these conversations at home please visit:

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