Friday, August 28, 2015

Triad Meetings on September 9 and 10

On September 9th & 10th, 2015 parents and students are expected to attend opening year team/triad conferences with their parent(s). This is a great way to meet staff and learn more about our school. At the interviews parents, students and teachers will have an opportunity to meet one another to discuss the child’s education.  Parents can share important information about their child, discuss the use of iPads and review their child’s educational needs for the school year. The purpose of this meeting is to begin open and ongoing communication between home and school. Parents will also have a chance to meet with non-homeroom teachers such as physical education, resource, guidance, band and practical arts.  The school administration team (principal/vice-principal) will also be available. Also, parents can pay for student fees at this time.  Below is a breakdown of fees for the 2015-16 school year.

Students will be allowed to bring their supplies with them to the interview and may place them in assigned lockers.  For grade 6 students, this is also a chance to practice using the combination lock. 

To accommodate parents in our community, we will be conducting 20 minute team (parent, student and homeroom teacher) interviews at the following times:
Wednesday, September 9th, 2015                             Thursday, September 10th, 2015
1:00 PM – 6 PM                                                                 7:40 AM – 1:20 PM

To sign up for a Triad Conference with your child's homeroom teacher please visit the 
George Waters Middle School Conference Manager 
or call the office at 204-888-4898 
beginning September 1, 2015

Student Fees

Students at George Waters pay their student fees to the homeroom teacher during the triad conference.  In the event you are unable to pay the student fee that day please see Mr. Mead or Mr. Abram as a payment plan can be arranged to suit the needs of individual families).

Student fees are spent as follows:
$20.00   Student fee (Student activities)
$15.00  Yearbook
$ 5.00    Locker/Lock Fee
                                $10.00   GWMS ‘House’ t-shirt (Optional)
Total      $40 or $50 (with shirt)   

**Families with more than one child at George Waters pay $40.00 for the first child and $30.00 (includes yearbook) for each additional child (or $23.00 - no yearbook).

Other possible fees       

Library Fees                                                       Music Fees
Lost magazine                   $3                           Shirt:                                     $10
Lost book                            $10                         Method Book                    $10
                                                                                                Instrument Rental           $120

Hockey Academy             $550
(unless registered through the Winnipeg Jets Hockey Academy then it is free)

Textbooks                           Cost to replace book (varies)     

iPad                                       $250 - $400, cost to replace lost or broken iPads

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