Friday, May 22, 2015

Congratulations to John T!

John T won a $50 indigo gift card from TEAL (TEaching English as an Additional Language) Manitoba for submitting a piece of writing about his experience in Canada. 

Congratulations John!! Below is the writing he submitted. Amazing growth since arrival to Canada!

I moved to Canada on November 28, 2011. I am from La Paz Abra in the Philippines. It was challenging to learn the rules in Canada.
I didn’t understand the English language very well. When we got on the plane I couldn’t understand the flight attendant. My mom needed to translate for me. When I came to George Waters Mr. Mead was the first person I met in my school. He is the principal. I thought he was nice, even though I didn’t know what he was saying.
My mom lived in Vancouver, Canada while my dad and I lived in the Philippines.  Then we all moved to Winnipeg. Mom’s job in Winnipeg was at Tim Horton’s but now she is a health care aid.  My dad went to Manitoba start to learn English. He started working at Opa but now he is a painter at Buhler. My dad and my mom make money and send it to the Philippines.
I did not know how to read or write in English. Ms. Latozke taught me how to read and write. The school work was confusing because I had to move classroom every time. In the Philippines we only stay in one class math until 12 pm and switch to English after lunch.


Grade 8 George Waters Middle School 

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