Thursday, May 14, 2015

601 Mock Trial

Today, in grade 6 students participated in a mock trial to further examine Internment Camps in World War 1 and then discussed human rights.

Students assumed the roles of the Judge, lawyers, witnesses, defendants, a court reporter and even a student who sketched the events of the trial.

Below is a transcript written by the student Court Reporter.
CC: Court Clerk
J: Judge
C: Corwn
D/CEW: Defense lawyer
IY: Ivan Yura (man suing for violation of his rights - made up name)

CC: Please stand for the honourable Mr. Justice Mac Openiano
You may all be seated.

J: The court will now hear the case of Ivan Yura VS the Crown.
Are both sides ready?

J: The crown may say their opening statement.

C: We think this is a waste of the country's time because in war you do what you gotta do to survive.

J: Defense may say their opening statement.

D: We should win. Idk what this says.

J: Crown may call their first witness.

C: I call Janssen.

C: Why do you think the ?? We're fair?

Janssen: we had to protect our country.

C: Why are you here today?

Janssen: I lost my son in the war and you guys are worried about losing your stuff?

C: How does that make you feel about the Ukrainians?

Janssen: If I can move on from losing my son then you can move on from losing your stuff.

J: Defense may call the cross-examine witness.

CEW: We have no questions at this time.

J: Crown may call their second witness.

C: Why are you here today.

Dylan: To talk about the war.

C: What was it like?

Dylan: Horrifying, deadly.

CEW: I have nothing.

J: Defense may call their first witness.

J: Order in the court!

CEW: why are you here today.

IY: I was put in a camp in the war no had my stuff taken away.
I got shot in the head.

CEW: What happened to you at the camp

J: Wasting the court's time. *gavel*

DA: Can we have a brief recess? 2 minutes.

J: 2 minutes it is.

J: 2 minutes is up.

IY: we were at the store people started giving us dirty looks when they realized my accent and I was Ukrainian. I was putting the groceries away at my house when I heard a knock at the door so I asked my daughter Jordana to open the door,
As soon as she opened the door people took us and led us away to the camps.
They tortured us.

J: Crown may call their second witness.

J: you are removed from the court. (Tyrone)

CEW: Did you want to go to the camp with your dad?

Jordana: No but if I had no hope I guess that's what I had to do.

CEW: what happened to you at the camp?

Jordana: It was cold and hot and they were mean to me.

J: 10 Minute recess. *gavel*

J: Crown may call extra witnesses.

EW: I call on Ivan Yura.

EW: lies.

Mikayla: why did you send him in a camp?

Janssen: Enemy spies.

J: Order in the court! *gavel*

J: Does Defense call anyone else?

Simone: What happened to you at the camp,

Dylan: I wasn't in a camp.

Simone: where were you then?

Dylan: in the war.

J: you are removed from the court! (Mikayla)

Simone: I'd like to call Janssen.
What happened to Your son?

Janssen: He got murdered.

S: why didn't u go to war

Janssen: I was too old.

Simone: how did he die?

Janssen: he died because he fought for his country,

S: did they find his body?

Janssen: yes.

S: did u go in a camp?

Janssen: no.

S: where did you go?

Janssen: I stayed home and I found out that he died,

S: how did u find out?

Janssen: the soldiers told me.

S: lies.

Tye: I would like to call upon Jordana Yura.
You said ur father was taken away.

Jordana: yes.

Tye: u could've lived at ur house alone.

Jordana: I had nothing to do.

J: Recess 2 minutes. *gavel*

J: Order in the court!

J: I think the Ukrainians win.
Order in the court!
They won cause they had a better rebuddle.
I give them $1000 to compensate.

J: Court is adjourned.


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