Thursday, April 09, 2015

Using 'Remind' to Keep in Touch via @RemindHQ

We often send reminders home using an app called 'Remind'. These are short messages that inform parents and students of important events that are taking place in the near future at George Waters MS. We have over 438 subscribers using the app. I hope these reminders help keep you informed about what is happening at George Waters.

If you are currently not subscribed to Remind you can see the types of messages that are sent out by looking down the right side of this blog. Look for this:

Up until now the app has only been one way (from the school to you). Now, there is a new 'chat feature' that Remind has started which enables subscribers to contact the school (Mr. Mead) at their convenience. The only way to use this feature (for now) is by downloading the app.

To download the app for iPhone or iPad (iOS) go to the App Store.

To download the app for an Android device go to the Google Play Store.

To read more about the chat feature in Remind please check out this link.

Please feel free to use the chat feature of the Remind App to contact the school in a safe and efficient manner.

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