Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Three Things

On Tuesday, April 21, 2015 George Waters MS staff had a chance to discuss these three questions.

This is what staff think!

Things we are doing well
  • making connections with all students
  • many of opportunities for all students to “get involved” in school based activities
  • accommodating students needs: emotional, social, academic. 
  • various methods of communication  home about general school happenings  (blog, social media, etc)
  • aboriginal student initiatives
  • using technology 
Things we need to work on
  • strengthening and building their numeracy and literacy skills
  • strengthening student relationships in the community (Tim Hortons, Bourkeville, Brooklands, etc)
  • strengthening student portfolio’s and daily reflections
  • teacher to home communication (personal contact like phone calls home about individual students)
  • activating students in deeper learning in the classroom and reaching the Modification and Redefinition of the SAMR model of teaching.
Things we want to consider changing or stop doing
  • All Sharks Read (change to not reduce period 5 time), include a numeracy component?
  • Homeroom time at the end of the day
  • assuming students know basic life skills (tying shoes, organizing notebook/locker, etc)
  • change how and when we offer co-curricular so we don't offer everything all the time. Give students a chance to get to more and different activities and avoids burn out (student and staff)
  • JAWSS - is it doing what we think it should do? (IE is it improving student-staff relationships?)
  • ACCESS program

This is not a complete list as staff only had about 30 minutes to discuss these important things. We will continue to discuss all things George Waters MS to plan for 2015-16. If you have any suggestions about things we:
  • are doing well
  • need to work on
  • need to consider changing or stop doing
please leave a comment below or email Mr. Mead at

Thanks for reading!

Mr. Mead

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