Thursday, March 26, 2015

Grade 7/8 Human Rights and Privilege Conversation

Today we learned about privilege and opportunity in ss class.  Each row...from front to back... got a piece of coloured paper.  They scrunched it up and had to throw it in the recycling bin from their seats.  The bin represented a good life with opportunities in a developed country.  If they missed they had a hard life without opportunities in a less developed country.  Front rows got theirs in.  Back rows did not.  They said they  couldn't get the paper in the bin because they couldn't see it.  They learned that the front row was born into privilege and could see their opportunities while those in less developed countries can't even see an opportunity.  We also tslked about needing to be thankful for our opportunities and make the most of them.   It was an eye opener. 

A great conversation to continue at home!

Submitted by Ms. Riddell

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