Friday, March 20, 2015

Bradon Jazz Festival

Congratulations to the GWMS Jazz Band and Vocal Jazz for representing our school well at the Brandon Jazz Festival yesterday.

The Jazz Band really got it together for the performance (whew!) and their focus and ability to blend was excellent.  The adjudicator enjoyed their performance and told them the next step would be to vary their dynamic range more (make a bigger difference between louds and softs) and work on getting more comfortable playing swing music.

Our Vocal Jazz group (made up of seven dedicated girls) was nervous but did a great job singing in front of at least 300 audience members in the huge Western Manitoba Centennial Auditorium.  The adjudicator commented on what a great sound they had.  He also suggested that they vary dynamics more and be sure to stand in a semi circle to encourage eye contact and the ability to hear each other better.

All students seemed to have a great time and we're looking forward to going back again next year.  Thank you to Nancy Eidse, Trie Evans, Ms. Martin, Ms. Harland and Mrs. Olfert for helping with supervision.

The next performance for both groups will be the Spring Concert on Monday, May 4th (mark your calendars).

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