Thursday, February 19, 2015

Staying in Touch with George Waters MS!

There are many ways to keep in touch with our school to help you stay in touch with your child's school day. Please pick one or two of your favourite ways to help you keep aware of what happens everyday at GWMS.

  • BLOG, (Congratulations! You've found it!)
  • School Website
  • School Calendar
  • Daily Announcements
  • follow us on Instagram (@gwmswp) (also on the right side of this blog)
  • follow us on Twitter (@GeorgeWatersMS)
  • find GWMS on FaceBook
  • Text: 204-223-5622
  • Email Mr. Mead at or
  • Find staff email addresses and websites here.
  • Sign up to receive text message/email updates that come directly to your mobile phone about our school by sending a text to 204-800-2782 with the message 'gwmsa'.This is done through an app called Remind 101.
  • Phone the office: 204-888-4898
  • Sign up to Mr. Mead's Showbie account. Mr. Mead, from time to time, will send out challenging open ended questions of current topics just to get an idea of what our students think. These are great things to work on with your child if there is no homework on a particular day.To learn more about this click here.
Also, students should be emailing home daily reflection sheets. This is to give each student a chance to let their families know how their day went. Students can share the great, good, bad, or the ugly about their day. Parents are encouraged to read these daily and or reply to their child(ren) via email to ask more questions about what is happening everyday at GW. 

Below is an example an extremely detailed version of a Daily Reflection sheet that was emailed home by a grade 6 student yesterday. Not all reflections need to be this detailed. Just a note home about how the day went and an example of what was done in class is all that is expected. You can let your child(ren) know what you want to hear about their day.

Below is a larger image of what was written in the bottom right corner in the image above.

We hope this helps all families stay engaged in the learning that happens at GW everyday. If you have any questions or suggestions don't hesitate to contact me at your convenience using the method in which you are most comfortable.

Mr. Mead

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