Monday, February 02, 2015

Great Kindness Challenge at GWMS via @kidsforpeace

Last week George Waters Middle School took part in the Great Kindness Challenge. All week long students were encouraged to do kind acts and record them in the GWMS Kindness Tracker. Also, students were encouraged to bring in tins of food for the Kindness Bin. All donations were given to Winnipeg Harvest this morning.

Over the week students logged 5808 kind acts surpassing our goal of 4000 easily!

Students also brought in 1120 cans of food!

The winner of the Pizza Party will be announced at our CARE Assembly on Tuesday morning.

I received an email this morning from the organizers of the Great Kindness CHallenge and once again GWMS is recognizes as a Kindness Certified School.

This is the letter that we received.

Hello Kind Friend!

CONGRATULATIONS! Because of your participation in The Great Kindness Challenge, your school is officially designated as a KINDNESS CERTIFIED SCHOOL!

Below, please find your Kindness Certified School seal to share far and wide. You may post this on your website, in your school's promotional materials, or any other desired location.

We are thrilled to report that 2,193,284 students in 4,142 schools in 45 countries participated in the 2015 Great Kindness Challenge. You truly are part of a global kindness movement. Thank you for making such a positive difference at your school, in your community and in our world.

There's no doubt about it, your KINDNESS MATTERS!

With great gratitude, high fives and beaming smiles,
Team Kindness

Let's keep the kindness going and go out of our way to help someone else have a better day!

Great job GWMS!

Mr. Mead

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