Friday, January 09, 2015

Social Media and Young People

Many of our students use social media on a regular basis. Here is an interesting read about one Teenager's View on Social Media'. It has some good insight into what are the most used social media apps/sights and why they are used.

A Teenager’s View on Social Media Written by an actual teen

Please talk to your child about what social media they are using, what they post and with whom they they are communicating.

Although the use of social media can be very positive there are at times when it can lead to some nasty situations. George Waters Middle School uses social media every day to show off and promote the many good things that happen. There are situations when it is not used well by young people (and adults for that matter). The best way to ensure your child is using social media for good is to supervise by checking their devices (mobile phone, tablet etc,). Find out which platforms they are using, what they are posting, what they are commenting on, who follows them, and who they are following.

Most of the social media services have a minimum age requirement as well. Please see this article to learn more about the minimum age requirements for some of the more popular social media platforms your children use everyday.

The number of different apps and online social media platforms change everyday. The best way to ensure your child is using social media platforms that are age appropriate and used in a positive is to look at their device and to talk to them about it every day.

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