Monday, January 26, 2015

Great Kindness Challenge Started Today at GWMS via @kidsforpeace

Today GWMS started with the Great Kindness Challenge! Our day begain with a school wide assembly that explained the week to all students and staff. To view the presentation please click here.

We have set a goal of 4000 Acts of Kindness logged on our Kindness Tracker. We are well on our way with over 1000 Acts of Kindness done today by our students!

Also, students did a great job bringing in Tins for the Kindness Bin. Over 90 cans of food were collected this morning! Keep on bringing in canned food so your class has a chance to win a Pizza Party!

At lunch, students had the chance to create Kindness Posters for our local elementary students. Students worked hard and had fun doing something nice! These posters will be dropped off in the coming days!

Kindness Matters GWMS! Tuesday is Dream of Kindness Pajama Day! Get involved! Don't forget to bring a Tin for the Kindness Bin as well!

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