Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Grade 7 and 8 Provincial Assessments

GWMS students in Grade 7 undergo classroom-based provincial assessments in numeracy competencies and in engagement with school, and in Grade 8 in competencies in reading and writing. Evaluation criteria, including the competencies, scoring scales, and indicators of achievement, are provided by Manitoba Education and are used by teachers when reporting achievement results for these assessments to parents and to the Department.

To watch a riveting video that fully explains these assessments please visit.

To view a brochure about these assessments please visit: 

These assessments take place between the middle of January and February. A report about these assessments will be sent home with the term 2 report card.

Data from these assessments are used to create the George Waters Middle School Plan which can be found here.

The goal of these assessments is to give students, parents and the school a basis of where our students are at in the areas of literacy, numeracy and engagement (GWMS School Priorities) and to allow teachers to plan accordingly to ensure each of our school goals are met by June 2015.

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