Thursday, October 09, 2014

What's Happening at School Everyday?

Last February George Waters Middle School conducted a parent survey and a number of families commented to let us know they weren't always sure what their child was doing in school. To help with home school communication we we will ask each student to write and email their parents a reflection about their day - everyday .

As well, included in the form is a link to the child's homeroom teacher blog or website and the school website. The homeroom website/blog will include an overview of what happened that day and what is coming up soon in class and other announcements that are important everyone in that homeroom.

The school blog (this one) is our daily newsletter that highlights the events that happen at GWMS on a regular basis. Also on the school blog is a school calendar which shows important school events and also daily announcements (the ones we read to all students over the PA system every morning during opening exercises). Below shows where you can find each of these pages on our blog.

Our Daily Reflection Exit Slip that students will email to their parents looks like this:

The homeroom blog will always be at the top followed by the school blog.

Below are a list of sentence starters for students to pick from. Students choose one and either circle or underline their word and type a sentence about their day below using an app called Notability. Students can include photos of work they are proud of and/or voice notes if they don't want to type.

From one email parents will get information for their child, their child's homeroom teacher and the school. Mr. Mead practiced with a grade 8 classroom and a grade 6 classroom this afternoon and here are a few examples of what students are able to do in a very short period of time.

This will usually be done during Agenda time at the end of the day (3:10 - 3:20 daily) so it doesn't allow for a lot of time. Students are encouraged to do this anytime throughout the day whenever they feel they have done work they want to tell their parents about.

We hope this a conversation starter at home about what happens everyday. Your children do so many great things everyday, we want you to know about them too!

Also, please follow us on Facebook and Instagram (@gwmswpg) to stay in touch with our school. A list of all of our teachers email addresses and website/blogs can be found here.

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